Venerable Master Hsu Yun


The Major Respectfully Receives
the Master at Pai Yun

      The Master continued bowing, and without further delay, arrived at Pai Yun Monastery in the middle of the 5th lunar month. The official who had taken his bag for him was an army officer. He cordially welcomed the Master, and invited him to his headquarters. The Major treated him with great respect, and the Master rested there for three days. Upon his departure, the Major presented him with gifts and travelling money, but the Master politely refused them. The Major then sent an attendant to carry the Master's bag up the mountain. The Master continued bowing every three steps.

The Gatha says:

The Master was bowing every three steps,
From the start right through to the end.
He underwent the myriad sufferings, as fall again turned to winter.
After three full years he neared success,
The fruit was ripe and full.
When the 10,000 practices are complete, then all worlds are pervaded.