FLOWER ADORNMENT (AVATAMSAKA) PROLOGUE. A more detailed explanation of the principles of the Sutra relying on many specific quotes from the text proper by National Master Ch'ing Liang. English edition available FEBRUARY,1981.

FLOWER ADORNMENT SUTRA- Ten Grounds Chapter. English edition of the second and third grounds available spring, 1981. Chinese edition containing first through fifth grounds now available.

DHARMA FLOWER SUTRA, VOLUME 8. Sutra text rendered in calligraphy. Chapter Eight, "Five Hundred Disciples Receive Predictions," and Chapter Nine, "Bestowing Predictions upon Those Studying and Those Beyond Study," te11 of Shakyamuni Buddha's predictions for Purnamai- treyaniputra, Ajnatakaundinya, Ananda, and Rahula, as we11 as the multitude of Sound-hearers in the assembly. NOW AVAILABLE.

FLOWER ADORNMENT SUTRA - Entering the Dharma Realm Chapter, Part 1. Manjushri Bodhisattva goes to the Saha world followed by Shariputra and his retinue. There, the youth Good Wealth meets Manjushri Bodhisattva and progresses through the Ten Faiths as a result of the Good Knowing Advisor's teaching. NOW AVAILABLE. Part 2. The youth is sent south where he meets more Good Advisors and traverses the Ten Dwelling stages. NOW AVAILABLE.
Part 3. Good Wealth continues on his journey and advances through the Ten Conducts stages of the Bodhisattva Path. Available spring, 1981.

SHURANGAMA SUTRA, VOLUME 5. The twenty-five sages in the Shurangama Assembly te11 how they each gained perfect penetration through the eighteen realms and the seven elements. Manjushri Bodhisattva is then called upon to select the best method for Ananda and those in the latter age. Available February, 1981.
Volume 6. Includes the aiding practices for a Bodhimanda, and tells clearly the retribution for violations of lust, killing, stealing, and lying. Available spring, 1981.

ONE HEART BOWING TO THE CITY OF TEN THOUSAND BUDDHAS, VOLUME 5. Bhikshus Heng Sure and Heng Ch'au record the progress of their pilgrimage along the isolated coast highway. The people they meet, the reactions they receive, the protection they are afforded, the difficulties they surmount are a11 reported in a swift-moving style which holds the reader captive. Available February, 1981. Volume 6. Available spring, 1981.