There once was a man
named Yajnadatta.
Who had nothing else to do.
So he stood in front of a mirror,
And thought that he was through!

He said, "I see a head in the mirror,
But mine is nowhere to be found!" So he went searching for his
own head,
Going around, and around, and around.

He made something where there
was nothing.
He put a head on top of a head.
He was upside-down and very
He hadn't understood what the Buddha had said.

You've got to open up your wisdom, and turn the light around.
To go looking outside of yourself,
There's nothing to be found.

So put down what's false, and pick up what's true,
Cultivate the Way
and when you are through,
You won't even need your own head,
why be greedy for two?

-by Kuo Ch'i Cassell