Venerable Master Hsu Yun

An official offers to take his bags #68


      Early one morning, when the Master was bowing along the road, a horse-drawn carriage came up from behind. The carriage moved slowly without overtaking him. The Master moved out of the way. It came to a stop, and an official got out and asked, "Why is the Venerable Master prostrating himself on the road?" The Master told him. The official was also a native of Hsiang Hsiang, so they chatted pleasantly. He told the Master, "I am presently staying at Pai Yun Monastery in 0 K'ou, which is on the route to Wu T'ai. I can take your bag there for you if you wish." The Master accepted and thanked him, and they parted.

The Gatha says:

The official born in the County of Hsiang,
Recognized great virtue.
And offered to take the Masters bag,
to Pai Yun Monastery,
After this the Master traveled light,
and continued bowing along.
His remarkable vow was nearing completion,
The joy in his heart was great.