-by Professor Ch'eng Hsi

Question: Supposing people so unruly there is no way to describe them shout, scold, call out for tohers, and generally stir things up when others are meditating quietly, what, should be done?

Answer: If you are not happy looking at monkeys in a play, turn off your TV set and then
everything will be OK.

Question: Supposing there are thugs who are shady and cunning, and who constantly bully me, what should I do?

Answer: What do you think? I don't know. But in the end there will be a day when they won't be able to continue.

Question: In the world, can there be anything which exists for a long time without changing?

Answer: I have thought about looking for it; but a thing like this I have never seen.

Question: If a person is conscious of himself dwelling in empty space, and all around him there is not a thing, does this count as enlightenment?

Answer: If it is true emptiness, then there will not have been the movement of a minute or a second.

Question: If a person were to think about the appearance of empty space, and see empty space as still and unmoving, then what?

Answer: If you can't put down your mind, try and see if you are able to spin empty space around.

Forthcoming from BTTS

LOTUS, VOLUME III, Chapters 8, 9: Chapter 8 Five Disciples Receive Predictions. Shakyamuni Buddha bestows predictions on the Arhats, certifying the wonderful principle of the Dharma Flower Sutra that all beings can become Buddhas. Chapter 9, Bestowing Predictions Upon Those Studying and Those Beyond Study. Further Certification. 140 pgs. Text in exquisite English calligraphy. AVAILABLE LATE JANUARY 1981.