News From The Dharma Realm

From: Bangladesh Buddhist Missionary Society
G.P.O. Bos-958

Dear Sir,

      I have the honour to convey a very happy news today that on II.9.80, an ancient statue of Lord Buddha has been rescued from the bottom of the river Karnafulli of this district of Chittagong in Bangladesh. It is a massive piece in Black 'Kastic' Stone, on which the full life history of Lord Buddha is carved in exceptionally fine sculpture. The same statue has been installed here by the Reverend Sangha. Nayaka Ven. Visuddhananda Mahathera, of Bangladesh in a quite unsafe house, of this Society. Since then this place has become a place of Buddhistic interest. Hundreds and thousands of people, irrespective of caste and creed, from far and near, are visiting this place daily. The statue is estimated to be as old as the 7th Century A.D., with the finest sculptural beauty. I would therefore request you to please circulate this happy news to the Buddhist World with an appeal for monetary help so that we may erect a strong house for safe custody of this region's most valuable treasure.

      I hope you will surely help me by your valuable co-operation and sympathy. 

      May all living beings be happy.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. Jivanananda Bhikkhu
General Secretary
Bangladesh Buddhist Missionary Society