Poem by Great Master Hui Neng

The mind made straight, why toil at following rules?

The practice sure, of what use is dhyana meditation?

Filial deeds support the father and mother.

Right conduct is in harmony with those above and below.

Deference: the honored and the lowly in accord with each other.

Patience: no rumors of the evils of the crowd.

If drilling wood can spin smoke into fire,

A red-petalled lotus can surely spring from mud.

Good medicine is bitter to the taste.

Words hard against the ear must be good advice.

Correcting failings gives birth to wisdom.

Guarded errors expose a petty mind.

Persist daily in just, benevolent deeds.

Charity is not the means to attain the Way.

Search out Bodhi only in the mind.

Why toil outside in search of the profound?

Just as you hear these words, so practice;

Heaven then appears, right before your eyes.

-The Great Master Hui Neng,
the Sixth Patriarch