The Bodhi Mirror Presents


Bhikshuni Kuo Yang

      As a restaurant manager, Kuo Yang was involved in the karma of killing, without realizing it, since the restaurant served meat. Then one night she had a dream about a certain person. Later on, at the home of a friend, she met that very person who had been in her dream. They talked and got to know one another. Eventually that person suggested she go to a certain temple and make offerings to the Monk there, which Kuo Yang did. When the layperson said to her, "Do you want to take refuge?" she didn't even know what that meant. After meeting the Master though, and understanding what it means to return and rely on the Triple Jewel, she took refuge with the Venerable Abbot at Hsi Le Yuan in Hong Kong.

      After she became the Abbot's disciple, he
counselled her to stop killing. Thereafter,
she did not personally kill the animals cooked in the restaurant, but she still ordered their killing be done by others. She did not give up her

involvement with the karma of killing immediately. But then one night she dreamed of the Abbot, who appeared in yellow robes and descended a staircase toward her. He was frowning and spoke to her sternly. "I don't want you to kill but you don't stop. Why don't you listen to me?" He paced back and forth in front of her and continued scolding her about killing. The dream was vivid and she has never forgotten it. Especially since, from that time to now, she hasn't been able to dream about the Abbot again.

      Later she returned to Singapore, where she had been raised, but soon found that she needed to go back to Hong Kong. The papers for such a passage were not at all easy to obtain, but she got them with ease, much to her lawyer's surprise. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she went to the Buddhist Lecture Hall and took on the job as cook, learning how to prepare vegetarian food. For 18 years she has done this work.

      After reading in the Earth Store Sutra about the severe retribution for killing karma, Kuo Yang decided to leave the home life, since her own life had been tied up with creating that kind of karma. Regretting that she had not had the merit and virtue to leave home when the Abbot was in Hong Kong, Kuo Yang bowed to the Buddhas with utmost sincerity very day seeking repentance. One when she was bowing she had a vision of the Elder Master Hsu Yun standing before her. He instructed her to make an offering of a small bubble light, which she did the following day. Shortly after that the Venerable Abbot telephoned to inform her that he was coming back to Hong Kong on a visit. Needless to say, she felt like her prayers had been answered.

      In recent years Kuo Yang has suffered two serious accidents which almost took her life.
She firmly believes that if it were not for the compassion of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and the aid of the Venerable Master, that her life would have ended already.

      Her specific practices center around recitation of the Great Compassion Mantra, and the Chundi Sutra as well as the recitation of the names of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva and Amitabha Buddha.

      At present, Bhikshuni Kuo Yang still resides at the Buddhist Lecture Hall in Hong Kong.