The Anniversary of Amitabha Buddha's Birthday comes on December 23rd this year. A recitation session honoring that Buddha will be held during the latter part of December followed by three weeks of Ch'an meditation. For specific information regarding the sessions, which will be held both at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas and at Gold Mountain Monastery, write or call


      DHARMA FLOWER (SADDHARMA-PUNDARIKA) SUTRA - In this Sutra, which was spoken in the last period of the Buddha's teaching career, the Buddha proclaims the ultimate principles of the Dharma, which unites a11 teachings into one vehicle. When completed the entire Sutra will be from ten to fifteen volumes.

      VOL. VI, MEDICINAL HERBS, CHAPTER FIVE, AND CONFERRING PREDICTIONS, CHAPTER SIX - In these chapters the Buddha uses the analogy of a rain-cloud to illustrate how his teaching benefits all beings with total impartiality, and the Buddha gives specific predictions for the future attainment of a Buddha for the previously mentioned four great Arhat disciples, which gives their future Buddha name, the name of their country and kalpa, and the extent of their teaching. 161 p., 65-0, $6.95.

      VOL. VII, PARABLE OF THE TRANSFORMATION CITY, CHAPTER SEVEN - In this volume the Buddha explains the analogy of the Transformation City which he conjured when his Sound Hearer disciples became weary with the journey to Buddhahood. 200+ pages, $6.95.

ENTERING THE DHARMA REALM (GANDAVYUHA), CHAPTER 39, VOL. I. This chapter contains the spiritual journey of the Youth Good Wealth in search of Proper Enlightenment. He visits fifty-three Good Teachers from all walks of life. Volume I covers the visit to Manjushri Bodhisattva and the position of the Ten Faiths.


      VOLUME FOUR, In this volume the Buddha talks about the formation of the world, the coming into being of sentient creatures, and the cycle of karmic retribution in great detail. 200+ pgs., $8.50.