The Triple Jewel

The Buddha

compiled by Bhikshu Heng Shun

"If one wishes to fully understand
All of the Buddhas in the past,
present, and future,
One should contemplate the nature of reality:

Everything is made only from the mind."

-Flower Adornment Sutra

Buddha means "one who is awake or enlightened." There are three kinds of enlightenment:

BASIC ENLIGHTENMENT is the inherent Buddhanature in all living beings. It is the en1ightenment-potentia1 which does not depend on anything for it's existence.

"It is the primal bright essence of consciousness that can bring forth all conditions. Because of conditions, you consider it to be lost."

-Shurangama Sutra

Based on this principle. Buddhism includes all living beings, regardless of their kind or what particular views they have. For this reason, Buddhism does not contend with any other religion or philosophy.

INITIAL ENLIGHTENMENT includes the various degrees of realization of the enlightenment- potential which comes about through the study and practice of the Buddha's teachings.

ULTIMATE ENLIGHTENMENT is the perfection of enlightenment and practice. One awakens to a11 things without the slightest particle of confusion.

"In the past the Buddha cultivated
the Bodhi conduct. His blessings,
virtues, and wisdom are totally
perfected. All the spiritual powers have been brought to completion. He comes into the world and emits great light."

-Flower Adornment Sutra

"He turns the inconceivable,
wondrous wheel of Dharma, and
makes known the conduct of the
Path of Bodhi, which destroys
the suffering of all living
beings forever."

-Flower Adornment Sutra

-to be continued