News From The Dharma Realm

News From China-The Five Eyes

by Master Hua/tr. by Bhik. Heng Tao

      For the past thirty years, Buddhism in China has been obstructed by the Communists. You can say that for these past thirty years, there has been no Buddhism in China, Particularly during the Great Cultural Demise, many Buddha and Bodhisattva images in the temples were smashed or destroyed. At that time the Buddhas no longer emitted light, the Bodhisattvas did not speak and the Arhats just entered samadhi. The Little Red Guards had no fear in their hearts. They went about wreaking havoc in all of the temples and monasteries, particularly the Four Holy Mountains (dedicated to the Four Great Bodhisattvas: Manjushri Bodhisattva, Universal Worthy Bodhisattva, Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, and Earth Store Bodhisattva ). Now although it's said that the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas entered samadhi, didn't emit light, and didn't speak, after a while they couldn't take any more. So they sent some people who had made great vows in the past to China to renovate Buddhism. These people took along with them some spiritual powers--specifically the Five Eyes:

The Buddha Eye,

The Wisdom Eye,

The Dharma Eye,

The Heavenly Eye, and

The Flesh Eye.

These five eyes are different from the flesh eyes of ordinary people, and the Flesh Eye among the Five does not refer to these flesh eyes, either. Instead it can perceive objects that have shape and form and is called the "flesh" eye for that reason.

      At the present time there are some children on Mainland China who can "see things."
The authorities in China don't say that they can see, they claim that these children can "hear" things. The scientists, philosophers and radiologists in China can be described as "brewing tea with cold water," for they are pretending to have understood this matter. They say the children can "hear" words from afar. But this doesn't come about through hearing, it's from seeing! If the scientists write out certain words on a piece of paper and place the children at some distance away from the words, the children can "see" these words. Before they become engaged in this form of seeing, they first close their eyes and become absorbed in a moment of stillness and concentration. Just because they have closed their eyes, the scientists think that the kids "hear" rather than "see" the words. Actually during this time when they close their common eyes, they open their Five Eyes. When these eyes are opened, they can see everything all around very clearly. For this reason they can "see" the words at a great distance away.

      Why is it that they do not "hear" these words? It is because words written on a piece of paper don't emit sounds. They have no frequency. If they emit no sounds, how can they be "heard"?

      It's truly a regrettable state of affairs that in a country which has 12 billion people, no one understands the principle of the Five Eyes! Despite all their scientists, philosophers, and radiologists, nobody really knows. It's rumored that there are over a hundred of these children who are at present under intensive scrutiny by the scientists. However it's to be feared that the more they investigate, the farther removed they will be from the truth. Why? Because they don't understand the principle of the Five Eyes. This is pitiful! A country as large as China--and nobody understands! We11, are there people in other countries who understand? No, they don't understand either. They are also puzzled about this to the point that they are craning their necks wondering what's going on. Nobody is endowed with true knowledge and far-reaching insight that can recognize these children as pure, heaven-true Bodhisattvas-come-again. The Buddhas sent them to resurrect Buddhism. They are emissaries--pioneers of the Way. Ultimately where can you find people who truly understand true principle!