News From The Dharma Realm

Help Heal the Earth 

with the Shurangama Mantra
and Great Compassion Mantra

      At the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, prayers for the dispelling of disasters and fostering of peace continue to be chanted each week. The four-fold assembly gathers in the Hall of Medicine Master Buddha, the Buddha who dispels calamities and lengthens life, to chant the Surangama Mantra on Saturday mornings beginning at 8 A.M. The chanting while walking and sitting and in silent contemplation continues until the High Meal Offering. After the noon meal, services commence at 12:30 P.M. and the Great Compassion Mantra is recited to and from the lecture hall where discourses on the Surangama Mantra are given by the Venerable Master Hua. After the lecture, recitation of the Great Compassion Mantra continues while participants walk, sit and are mindful in silent contemplation. The day's services end at 5 P.M. Those who have the opportunity are welcome to join these Saturday recitation sessions and if you are unable to be at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, you can join the assembly wherever you are in helping extend the prayer for peace and tranquility far and wide.

Honorary Chancellor of 
Dharma Realm Buddhist University 
President Sadat

-Composed by Venerable Master Hua
-Translated by Bhiksuni Heng Tao

      In taking a comprehensive look at world leaders of the present age, I consider Mr. Sadat to be foremost in his love for peace. Why is this? I have watched how he stresses morality and honor. In contemplating his motives, I find he can renounce himself for others. Observing his foundation, I see his heart seems good and wholesome. He cherishes his country and people and is diligent and frugal. He turns his entire effort to seeking peace and stopping the disasters of war. He has far-reaching vision that is concerned with the best interests of the whole. He wishes to stop all strife and contention. Patient, yielding, and friendly with his neighbors, he is cordial and sincere toward his allies. His motives are to benefit others. His support of Dharma Realm University reverberates in his aspiration that education may foster future generations. In the world it is hard to find another with such a virtuous personality! Since he has condescended to act as Honorary Chancellor of our University, we fellow peers should well appreciate these supreme causes. Work hard and do not fail his trust!

a verse says:

Righteous energy in heaven arid earth begets a rare hero.

Whether walking, standing, sitting or reclining, he lives for his people.

Turning back the tide of adversity to appease calamities,

He dispels violence and transforms it into purity and calm.

His humane policy and moral spirit pervade the Dharma Realm.

His virtuous reputation falls like nourish­ing rain and fills empty space.

May you as a true model for leaders of the present day, toil ever harder to 

      enlighten sentient beings.