The Bodhi Mirror Presents

-Written by his disciple
Bhiksu Ham Wol Auckland Zen Center 
New Zealand

Seon (Zen) Master Ku San

Master ku San was born in 1910 to the Su family of Cholla Bukdo Province, South Korea.

Since his parents were poor he could only attend school as far as middle grade; he then left school and worked as a barber, despite frequent ill health.

      One day he was introduced to the Buddha-dharma by a Secret School practitioner, who said Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva often aided those who sincerely recited the Six Syllable Mantra—OM MANI PADME HUM--of the Bodhisattva. Consequently, at the age of twenty-seven, the upasaka received the Five Precepts and went into retreat in a hut on Chiri Mountain, in the center of the Korean peninsula.

The Master then went to Song Kwang Seon Monastery on Chogye Mountain and bowed to Great Master Hyo Bong. Later the Master received the complete precepts at Tong Do Sa Monastery. After eleven years of study and practice, he was given the position of Abbot and was permitted to teach by Venerable Hyo Bong.

At age 47 the Master returned to seclusion and was vigorous in his practice: he wore only patchwork clothes, never lay down to sleep, ate the simplest of foods and drank plain water. His ascetic practices carried on through the night as he meditated diligently.

After this period of intense cultivation, he went to Hei in Sa Monastery where he was made Dharma successor of Master Hyo Bong of the Suk Do lineage from North Korea.

Sramana Ku San was elected Seon (C. Ch'an) Master of Song Kwang Sa Monastery. In 1975 Sramana Ku San was appointed a trustee of Seoul's Dong Guk Buddhist University. He continues to enjoy good health as he teaches his many Sangha and lay disciples.


LOTUS SUTRA, Chapter Seven. This volume contains the parable of the Transformation City, which the Buddha conjured when his Sound Hearer disciples became weary with the journey to Buddhahood. Over 200 pages. Text done in calligraphy. AVAILABLE EARLY AUGUST 1980.

WITH ONE HEART BONING TO THE CITY OF TEN THOUSAND BUDDHAS, Vol. 4. This volume continues the moving records of Dharma Master Heng Sure and Dharma Master Heng Ch'au on their pilgrimage for the sake of helping eradicate disasters and calamit­ies in the world today. AVAILABLE LATE JULY, 1980.

THE HEART SUTRA AND VERSES WITHOUT A STAND. This most popular Sutra of Prajna Paramita is explained in the brilliant line-by-line verse commentary of the Venerable Master Hua. Further explanation by the Master in his discursive commentary clarifies essentials of meditation and wisdom. AVAILABLE AUGUST 1980.

THE SURANGAMA SUTRA, Vol. 4. In this volume the Buddha talks about the formation of the world, the coming into being of sentient creatures, and the cycle of karmic retribution in great detail. AVAILABLE AUGUST 1980.

THE SURANGAMA MANTRA. Vol.1. The first part of volume one is an ancient text explaining the practice of holding the mantra accompanied by the Venerable Master Hua's commentary. The second part of the volume begins the line-by-line verse explanation of the mantra. An unpre­cedented teaching on the longest and most powerful mantra proclaimed by Sakyamuni Buddha. AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 1980.