Cultivating the Bodhi Path

-By Master Hua

  January 26, 1980

      At all moments be attentive; at all times be cautious. Do not slack off for even a hair's worth. Leave no good undone, no matter how small; and do no evil, no matter how minute. Diligently cultivate the Bodhi Path, purify and transform the gates of the karmas.1Increase your blessings and wisdom, nurture and plant your good roots. Irrigate the mind field; moisten and nourish your body of virtue so that you can withstand unforeseen misfortunes. Take it in stride and remain unmoved; understand and recognize it so that no anger arises. Develop a great stupidity; endure what others cannot endure. Realistically do it! You cannot steal a bell while stopping up your own ears; this is cheating yourself and cheating others. If you pander for name and fish for fame, you are a thief among the virtuous and a pretender of the Way. You must become resolved and make progress on the great road of brightness. Until you reach Buddhahood, you should be irreversible.

A verse says:

The great Path of Bodhi
                  is straight upon straight.
            Do not be crooked
                  or rely on luck.
            With true mind seeking the Dharma
                  there will certainly be a response.
            With false intent and a perfunctory man
                  you are just wasting time.
             Use courageous vigor and 
                   patience; never retreat.
             From giving and holding precepts,
                   you should cultivate wisdom.
             One day you will
                   perfect the paramitas.
             And rejoin the ten directions'
                   Buddhas at the Lotus Pool.

1The three karmas of body, mouth, and mind. Cultivators purify these three karmas so as to avoid the ten evil acts.