Tomorrow by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

Since we have been born in this age we must resolve to be new and great people. The engraving of T'ang said, "If you can renew yourself once, renew yourself day after day; become new again and again." The announcement to K'ang says, "Make a new people."

Look at modern science. It is new every day and different every month, military weapons are modernized every day and novel every month, and thus wars are new every day and different every month. Although we call this progress, it is nothing more than progressive cruelty. Science takes human life as an experiment, as child's play. It fulfills its great desires and aims through force.

Why shouldn't we think instead of washing clean the body and mind; of brushing away accumulated dirt; of developing a sense of shame; of painfully changing our former wrongs to create a new life; of being unique and awesome persons full of great power; of doing beneficial deeds for the sake of all living beings in the Dharmarealm; of taking the citizens of all nations as brothers and creating virtue; of establishing a model for all under heaven, Doing this is called representing heaven in teaching. For the sake of the  country, teach the people with loyalty and filial piety.