Pictorial Biography of the 
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

#66 Rejection and Reception

Composed by Venerable Master Hua

      The Master had by now developed an incessant nosebleed. He reached Pai Yun Monastery in Huang T'u T'a on the 12th. When the Guest Prefect saw the Master's bloody mouth, he only permitted him a single night's lodging. On the 21st, the Master entered the city of Ta Yuan and went to Chi Le Monastery where he received considerable verbal abuse. He did not stay there. On the 22nd he left the city and continued bowing. He met a young Sangha member named Wen Hsien, who warmly received the Master with sincerity and deference. The Master stayed ten days.

The verse says:

Passing through the freezing cold

  he then encountered spring.

After the glaring and ridicule,

  he was looked upon with favor.

The Master himself had to undergo both

  rejection and warm reception.

I ask you now, was he moved

  or did his mind move not?