Pictorial Biography of the 
Venerable Master Hsu Yun

Bows along in the moonlight,
Searching for Wen Chi #65
Composed by Venerable Master Hua

      After Wen Chi departed, the Guest Prefect's manner changed. "Please come in," he said, and showed the Master to the k'ang1. He then prepared some tea and noodles. His attitude had completely changed he was polite and attentive. The Master thought only about Wen Chi, so he took formal leave from the monastery, and went to all the inns in town looking for him, but there was no trace of him. It was the 18th day of the 4th lunar month, and that evening, because of the bright moon, it was almost like daylight. The Master took advantage of the moonlight to continue bowing briskly ahead, in an attempt to over­take Wen Chi. This accelerated pace caused him to develop a fever. The verse says:

Bowing in respect from start to finish he polished his nature daily.

Although detained he was loath to relinquish the affinity from the past.

The only thought, which the Master had, was to catch his companion Wen Chi

So bowing along on that moonlit night he became quite agitated.

1brick platform heated from underneath.