THE FLOWER ADORNMENT SUTRA 1s known as the king of kings among Buddhist Sutras because of its great length (81 rolls of over 700,000 Chinese characters) and its extreme profundity, containing the most complete explanation of the Buddha's state and the spiritual path to enlightenment. The Buddhist Text Translation Society is presently working on translations of the entire text of this Sutra accompanied by the extensive interlinear commentary of the Venerable Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua. The entire translation work including the Preface and Prologue of National Master Ch'ing Liang as well as the 39 Chapters of the Sutra is expected to be more than 150 volumes when completed.

FLOWER ADORNMENT SUTRA PREFACE-a bilingual publication containing the brilliant verse preface to the Avatamsaka Sutra composed by National Master Ch'ing Liang. The inter-linear commentary by Tripitaka Master Hua elucidates the verse with clarity based in the oral tradition of Orthodox Buddhism and directed to modern students of the Way. softbound, 218 pages. NOW AVAILABLE.

Volume I contains the First Ground, that of Happiness,
and discusses the Bodhisattva's conduct of giving
and clarifies the quality of being unmoving. This
bi-lingual publication will be available SPRING, 1980.

FLOWER ADORNMENT SUTRA PROLOGUE, VOLUME ONE. In this masterful work National Master Ch'ing Liang elucidates the first nine doors of the Hsien Shou's Ten Doors
of Discrimination. This publication will also be bi-lingual. Volume One begins the Doors. AVAILABLE SPRING

OPEN YOUR EYES, TAKE A LOOK AT THE WORLD. Records of the 1978 Asia-region visit by the Venerable Master and members of the American Buddhist Association. In Penang the Venerable Master said: "The Buddha said, 'A11 living beings have the Buddhanature, a11 can become Buddhas.' Hence, even if a living being does not believe in the Buddha, he still has an inherent Buddhanature, so how can we exclude him from Buddhism? Unless one can run outside of empty space and the Dharma realm, one cannot run outside of Buddhism. Whether he believes or not is just a matter of time. If you do not believe in Buddhism this life, I"11 wait for you until your next life, and on and on--even for measureless kalpas--! w111 still wait for you.

      "If we expand the measure of our hearts, then a11 human beings can unite and benefit the world. For the rise and fall of a country, every person bears a responsibility.