Pictorial Biography of the
Venerable Master Hsu Yun


Composed by Venerable Master Hua

#64 Leaving Appearances:

The name as distinct from the Reality

The Master entered the monastery to see the Guest Prefect, who looked at Wen Chi and said, "Who is this?" The Master told him, and the Guest Prefect replied harshly, "Transients are not welcome here. What sort of important official are you who can make a pilgrimage during this famine and with a man to wait on you, yet! Laymen absolutely cannot stay here."

The Master wanted to leave. "Who invited you, anyway?" asked the Guest Prefect.

Wen Chi said to the Master, "I am leaving, but someone will soon come to take your bags up the mountain for you." He then departed.

The verse says:

"Travelers are not welcome here making a pilgrimage, indeed!"

"Here you'll find that laymen cannot lodge at the Buddhist Monasteries."

So Wen Chi simply walked away from Leaving Appearances Temple.

"Soon there will be someone coming to take your bags up ahead."

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