News from the Dharma Realm



The 1979 Complete Precept Platform during which the Jeweled Precepts of the Thousand Buddhas of the Worthy Kalpa, the present aeon, were transmitted took place just prior to the Opening at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas last fall. In keeping with the ancient Orthodox transmission, the Platform strictly venerated the established code in administering the precepts. And yet there were many unique aspects to the Platform as well. Shown center row above are the Three Masters—centered is Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Preceptor. To his left is Elder Master Wei Sung, Karmadana, and to the Abbot's right is Elder Master Wu Ming, Teaching Transmitter. The Certify­ing Masters (left of Masters) were Dharma Master Thich Tien-an, Dharma Master Thich Thien-thanh, Dharma Master Heng Sure, and Thera Walpola Piy-ananda. To the right are Dharma Master Thich Duc-Niem, Dharma Master Heng K'ung, and Thera Madawala Seelawimala. These ten Masters, who were Chinese, Vietnamese, American, Ceylonese, and Sri Lankan, represented both the Mahayana and Theravada traditions in an unprecedented meeting of South and North, of East and West, to join in the Orthdox Transmission of the pre­cepts as spoken by our Teaching Host, Sakyamuni Buddha. The men and women receiving the precepts were Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, and American people, who after several years of training in the Orthodox Teaching, had requested and been granted permission to become fully ordained.

The new preceptees, seated in front, are: (from center going left) Bhiksu Heng Ch'au, Bhiksu Heng Tso, Bhiksu Heng Ch'i, Bhiksu Heng Teng, Bhiksu Heng Kung, and Bhiksu Kuo Liao. From center going right, they are: Bhiksuni Heng Hsing, Bhiksuni, Heng Jyeh, Bhiksuni Kuo Chung...Bhiksuni Heng Ming, Bhiksuni Heng Chai, Bhiksuni Kuo shen, Bhiksuni Heng Men and Bhiksuni Heng Ho. Bhiksuni Heng Tao is not shown.

Besides being international and non-sectarian, the Platform represented a high decree of educational excellence. Three of the Masters held Ph.D.s and three held M.A.'s. Among the preceptees were many graduate students as well. The auspicious event heralded a bright future for the foundation of world Buddhism, for not only were the new preceptees well-educated, they were dedicated to preserving the Proper Dharma in the world and approached cultivation with serious intent to gain precepts, samadhi, and wisdom through strict adherence to moral codes of behavior, diligently practice of ch'an meditation, and continual study and translation of the Sutras, Shastras, and Vinaya.


The Recitation session beings March 30 and continues for one week. Following it immediately will be a week of Ch'an meditation, starting on April 6th. The sessions may be attended separately or together.