Ice in the sky, snow on the ground,

Numberless tiny bugs die in the cold

    or steep in hibernation.

In the midst of stillness you should contemplate,

    and within movement you should investigate.

When you wrestle with dragons and subdue tigers

    in continual playful sport,

Ghosts will cry and spirits wail; surrounding

    transformations are strange.

True and actual meanings are cut off from words.

Not thought about or talked about;

    you ought to advance with haste.

With the great and small destroyed;

    with no inside or out,

Every mote of dust is an infinite Dharma realm,

Complete, whole, and perfectly fused,

    interpenetrating without obstruction.

with two clenched fists break to pieces

    the covering of empty space.

In one mouthful swallow

    the source of seas of Buddhalands.

With great compassion rescue a11, sparing

    no blood or sweat and never pause to rest.

-by Venerable Master

Hsuan Hua