Bodhi Stand Presents

Upasaka Wong Kuan Leong


      Upasaka Wong was born in 1938 in Taiping and educated at Speck Commercial College in Australia. After obtaining a degree in accounting he became a qualified secretary at Hemmingway Robertson College in Australia. He returned to Malaysia in 1963 and at present is Administrative Manager and Company Secretary for an Insurance Company in Kuala Lumpur.

      In 1976 Upasaka Wong began practicing Secret School dharmas, but after taking refuge with the Venerable Abbot, he stopped all other practices and concentrated exclusively on the Great Compassion Dharma, with many efficacious responses.

Upasaka Wong recently came to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas for the first time to participate in the Opening Celebration and was deeply moved by his visit. He was especially grateful to be part of the rare Dharma Assembly in which the Venerable Abbot transmitted the Great Compassion Dharma of the Forty two Hands and Eyes and vows to devote his best energy to supporting and propagating the Dharma on behalf of the City.

As leader of a delegation from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Upasaka Wong, whose Dharma name is Kuo Cheng, remained on for nearly a month after the celebration to partake of the flavor of the Wonderful Dharma found at the City. An extremely sincere and devoted disciple, Upasaka Kuo Cheng participated in the daily activities at the City and was present at the beginning of the Surangama Mantra Dharma Assembly wherein the Mantra is being explained line by line a rare and auspicious occasion for the entire world!

Upasaka Wong has experienced the efficacy of faith in his own life and cultivation and has been profoundly influenced to change his life for the better in whatever ways he can. This includes gradually learning to practice vegetarianism and to benefit others whenever possible.

He states:

"For two years I have been bowing and reciting 108 times a day without fail. I sincerely trust in and believe in the Master and the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and this makes it possible for them to come to my aid. You should all have faith that you will be taken care of as disciples of the Buddha, because it is by faith that all things are made possible!"


DHARMA FLOWER SUTRA, VOL 5. The volume contains Chapter Four, "Belief and Understanding." The Sutra text is written in calligraphy and the volume is illustrated with woodcuts. AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 1980.