The Bodhi Mirror Presents

Dharma Master Thich Thien-Thanh

      Dharma Master Thien was born in 1938 in South Vietnam. His family was Buddhist, so he was raised in the tradition of compassion and affection for humankind. He joined the Buddhist order when he was eight years old and preceded to study the Mahayana Tripitaka. When he was fifteen he was ordained as a novice.

      At twenty, Dharma Master Thien received the full precepts under Venerable Master Thien-hoa. In the years that followed, he both studied and taught, going to Thailand and then to India where he studied at Nalanda Pali Research Institute.


In addition to his studies. Master Thien devotes himself to social service and most recently has served on the Rescue Committee for Vietnam Refugees here in the United States.

      At present, Dharma Master Thien is a Professor of Oriental Studies in Los Angeles. During the autumn transmission of the Complete Precepts at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, Dharma Master Thich Thien-Thanh acted as a Certifying Master.


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