-By Venerable Abbot Hua

For a cultivator, inside there is no body and mind; outside there is no world. He seeks not for name or profit, and is not attached to wealth or sex. He looks upon money as dirt, and regards beauty and splendor as flowers in empty space. He is not confused by states, nor turned by illusory conditions. Unmoving, he is like a mountain; hard to fathom, he transcends both yin and yang. He is a sturdy candle in the strong gale, real gold in the blazing fire. He knows only to benefit others and to forget himself, and certainly will not bestow kindness with the wish for recompense.

He is real within the real; true above the true. He transcends the thoughts of common people, even ghosts and spirits fail to measure him. Acting as if not acting, he is apart from marks, and he has severed all words. There is not praise enough to extol him, not slander enough to disrupt him. Hence, he is thus, thus unmoving; clear and eternally bright. His light shines on the future generations, he is remembered forever by posterity. You should bear this in mind. A verse reads:

Raising a hand, taking a stride, he emulates the earth and heaven,

Like the great sea, which embraces the hundred streams.

Attached to nothing, this is real bliss.

When the myriad conditions are put to rest, what sense of time is left?

Quietly contemplating with ease, terminate all dualities.

This portent of stillness is apart from thought and words, seeking outside is false.

Who would have known that our original nature fills up the trichiliochosm?