The Bodhi Mirror presents

      Venerable Thich Duc-Niem was born in Binh Thuan Vietnam. At the age of twelve he became a Buddhist Monk at An-Quang Temple in Saigon, Vietnam. He graduated from An-Guang Buddhist Institute with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Buddhist Philosophy. He was first ordained in 1948 and received the complete Bhiksu Precepts in 1958.

      Venerable Duc-Niem attended Saigon and Van Hanh Universities, receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Vietnamese Literature. He then received a National Scholarship award to attend the National Pedagogic University of the Republic of China where he received his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Chinese Language, Literature, and Philosophy.


As a Sangha Member, The Venerable Duc-Niem was Head Monk of the An-Quang Temple in Saigon, and Secretary of the Vietnam Buddhist Institute. In Taiwan he was Principal of Bodhi High School and President of the Gai Dinh Buddhist Province Association.

Recently, Master Duc-Niem was especially invited by the Venerable Dr. Thich Thien-An, President of The University of Oriental Studies to be Director of the International Buddhist Training Institute, located in Los Angeles.

Venerable Thich Duc-Niem graciously consented to act as a Certifier for the 1979 Transmission of the Complete Precepts at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. In advising the new preceptees. Venerable Dr. Niem encouraged them in their study of the teachings and exhorted them to share in the responsibility of propagating the Dharma.

      The new preceptees were afforded the rare good fortune of receiving the Precepts from Elder Dharma Masters who held Ph.D. or Masters Degrees, and who came from China, Vietnam, America, and India, as well as from the Mahayana and Theravada traditions of Buddhism.