By Professor K.N. Jayatilleke

A posthumous work compiled by Dr. Ninian Smart.

The Free Frees, a division of MacMillan Publishing Co. New York City. 262 pp. $12.95. 1978.

Dr. Jayatilleke was a gifted scholar and his earlier book, entitled Early Buddhist Theory Is acknowledged as outstanding. 

There is an important chapter In The Message of the Buddha on the question of determination and free will. There is a chapter on science as well. The author expresses the view that only in this present age, with the modern developments in science and mathematics, have the scientists caught up with "the simple but stupendous account of the Universe" that is scattered in early Buddhist texts based on the Buddha's clairvoyant vision.

This book is stimulating and exploratory and is strongly recommended for the study of basic Buddhism.

Review by Dr. Buddhadasa P. Kirthisinghe

Representative, Maha Bodhi Society of India and the World Fellowship of Buddhists.