Venerable Dr. Nayaka Maha Thera N. Jinaratana and Venerable Dr. U. Dhamma-ratana were accompanied recently on their visit to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas by Bhiksu Ananda. Bhiksu Ananda has been selected to reside at a newly established Theravada center in Hollywood, California. Speaking to the four-fold assembly at the City, Bhiksu Ananda observed, "Buddhism is a great religion which can solve the problems which plague the world we live in. In order to do so, the teachings must spread to all countries and all peoples. For this reason Theravada centers have been established in London, Germany, Washington D.C., and now here on the West Coast. The aim of these centers is not only to teach but also to practice."
      Commenting on Bhiksu Ananda's words, the Abbot of Tathagata Monastery said, "Now that Buddhism has come to the West, it is not my hope that it will flourish, but rather that it will disappear! Ah, I'm sure many of you will immediately disagree with this idea, especially these three visitors of ours. Their objections may not be apparent, but inwardly I'm sure they are concerned on my behalf, hoping I won't make a fool of myself. But let me explain further. When I say "disappear" it is not in the way you might imagine. My hope is that all Buddhists will be the same as all other people; that there be no differences among them. I hope Buddhists can see living beings in the way Sakyamuni Buddha saw them—as equal and endowed with the identical potential for Buddha hood. What I mean is that I hope every place will become Buddhist so there's no place that is not; in that way. Buddhism will "disappear" because there will be nothing other than it. What is more, this is not gust an idle fantasy of mine, intend to make it a reality. I'm not just going to talk about it, I'm going to do it. And now that I've explained my meaning, I'm sure my three friends won't object!"