The 1979 Precept Platform at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas culminates this fall with precepts being transmitted in the Kuan Yin Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas. The ten major and forty-eight minor Bodhisattva precepts will be transmitted on October 5th, the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. These precepts are appropriate for both those leaving the home life and for those Buddhist disciples who chose to practice as householders.

On October 21, the 1st day of the 9th lunar month, the Complete Precepts will be transmitted to those who have completed their training as shramaneras and shramanerikas. This training period preceding the receiving of precepts, from one to three years in duration, is a time for learning ceremonies and rituals, memorizing major mantras and sections of sutras, developing the deportment proper to a member of the Sangha, and maintaining the Five Precepts. The 'bowing of vows,' a powerful ritual of alternate bowing while chanting the name of Shakyamuni Buddha, is an important part of the training while helps rid one of karmic obstructions and deepens one's faith and the power of one's vows.