A verse in his praise reads:

Wisdom nurtured in former lives,

Made the Master a Sage.

He conquered the demon hordes,

For the deviant canít overcome the straight.

His auspicious portents were subtle,

And the king believed and revered him.

Unmoving in his majesty,

Heís a mountain of the Way for 10,000 aeons.

      The Venerable One was from southern India, the son of King "Heavenly Virtue." He went before the (15th) Patriarch Basiasita asking to leave home. The Patriarch asked him, "You want to leave home? What for?"

      Purnamitra replied, "If I leave home, it wonít be for worldly matters."

      The Patriarch replied, "What matter will it be for?"

      Purnamitra replied, "It will be for the Buddha matter."

      The Patriarch transmitted the great Dharma to Purnamitra who then went about teaching living beings. In his travels he came to eastern India. The King there was named "Solid." He had put into a high position one of outside ways. This long-nailed Brahmin made appear by transformation a large mountain on the top of the Venerable Oneís head. The Venerable one flicked his finger and suddenly the mountain was on top of the heads of the people in the court. They were all afraid and prostrated themselves before him. The Venerable One then flicked his finger again and the mountain disappeared. He proclaimed the Dharma to the King, enabling him to go towards the True Vehicle. Later, (he transmitted the Dharma to) Prajnatara and took his leave of the king saying, "I have transformed those with whom I had conditions. I shall return to still extinction." Then he returned to his throne, sat in full lotus, and left this world.