The Venerable Jinaratana Mahathera visited the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas on the weekend of May 25-26, accompanied by the Venerable Dhamaratana Thera and Bhikkhu Ananda. The Venerable Jinaratana is the chief Mahathera in India and head of the Buddhist Sangha there. Originally from Sri Lanka, he has been propagating the Buddhadharma in India for almost fifty years, and is General Secretary of the Maha Bodhi Society, with headquarters in Calcutta. Under his influence nearly a thousand Indians have left the home life, and many thousands have taken refuge with the Triple Jewel.

When the Venerable Master Hua visited India in 1974, the Venerable Mahathera determined to return the visit, and in 1979 his resolve was fulfilled as the Venerable Jinaratana paid his respects in the Buddhahall of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, and delivered talks on Dharma. His Delegation's mission is to propagate Buddhism far and wide, so that all may unite in Buddha's Teachings and bring about world peace.


June 26 3rd day of the 6th lunar month Birthday of Wei T'ou Bodhisattva.

July 4 11th day of the 6th lunar month Ceremonies to eradicated disasters for the nation, held at City of 10,000 Buddhas.

July 8 15th day of the 6th lunar month Anniversary of Great Master Ch'ang Jen's Enlightenment.

July 9 16th day of the 6th lunar month Day honoring Venerable Master Hua.

July 10 17th day of the 6th lunar month Birthday of Great Master Ch'ang Chih.

July 12 19th day of the 6th lunar month Anniversary of Kuan Yin Bodhisattva's Accomplishment of the way.

Since the sixth lunar month is doubled in 1979, the above holidays, with the exception of July 4, may be recelebrated on July 26, August 7, 8 and 9, and August 11 respectively.