-Translated by Sramanera Kuo Lu

      The Venerable One was from Nagara and the son of King "Constantly Free and Easy." When he was thirteen he met Vasubandhu. The Patriarch came to his country and the king asked him, "What is the difference between here and the land of Rajagrha?"

The Patriarch answered, "In that land in the past three Buddhas came into the World. Now in the King's country there are two masters who transform and guide others."

The king asked, "Who are these two masters?"

The Patriarch replied, "The Buddha predicted that during the second period of 500 years, there will be two with psychic powers who are great scholars who will leave the home-life and continue the tra­dition of sages. The King's second son Manorhita is one, and although my virtue is slight, I am the second."

"According to what you say," the King replied, "I, should give over this son to become a Sramana."

The Patriarch said, "Very fine. The great King follows the Buddha's intent." Then he shaved the son's head, gave him the Complete Precepts, and entrusted him with the Great Dharma. After the Honored One received the Dharma, he entrusted it to Padmaratna, whereupon he sat in full lotus and disappeared.

A verse in his praise says:

Born in a palace he did not wallow in honor and wealth;

Upon hearing the Master's instruction he suddenly understood his past wisdom.

Bubbles and reflections are not real-­he brought great fearlessness to others,

And his body was bedecked with myriads of beautiful flowers.