Elder Master Hsu Yun

Pictorial Biography of
The Venerable Master Hsu Yun

Pros and verse
by Venerable Master Hua

Drawings by a student of Prajna

Wen Chi Returns

      By the 15th, the Master was gravely ill, but he saw a man kindling a fire by the Western wall of the ruins. He assumed it was an outlaw, but upon closer scrutiny, he realized that Wen Chi, the beggar, had come again. The <aster, very happy to see him, called out, "Mr. Wen chi, Mr. Wen Chi!"

      Wen Chi held up a burning stick and said, "Master, why have you come back here?"

      The Master related all he had gone through. Wen Chi sat at the Master's side, making him comfortable, and had him drink a cup of water. The Master then felt pure in body and clear in mind.

The verse says:

The auspicious man

with heavenly traits

did not speak empty words.

Gravely ill and waiting

for death,

the Master saw Layman Wen.

The torch of wisdom

illumines and smashes

the obstructions of a

thousand lives.

As the Dharma water

cleanses and rids one

of a myriad aeons'