Bodhi Seal of the Patriarchs


A verse in praise says:

The result of good and evil deeds
is always exact.

Hearing the Patriarch's echo
suddenly his shackles fell away.

Dharma is not produced or destroyed
like a wooden cock's crow at dawn;

This great man who has no limits
opened his eyes and stopped his

      The Venerable One was from Northern India. He heard the Nineteenth Patriarch speak and all his doubts were cleared up immediately. The Patriarch said, Although you already believe, you do not understand that karma comes about because of delusion; one is deluded because of the discriminating consciousness; the discriminating consciousness is based on unen1ightenment and unenlightenment comes from our minds. Basically, the mind is pure, without any production or destruction, without any creation or retribution, and without any victory or defeat. It is quiet and still--efficacious and spontaneous. If you enter this Dharma-door you can become identical with all Buddhas. All good and evil and conditioned and unconditioned things are like a dream or an illusion."

The Venerable One accepted this teaching and then sought to leave the home life. He received the Complete Precepts.

The Patriarch then transmitted the Great Dharma to him. After receiving it, he went to Rajagrha. He passed the Dharma on to Vasubandu. In his seat he peacefully returned to stillness.