Bodhi Seal of the Patriarchs

      The Venerable One was a native of Kushana. When the Eighteenth Patriarch arrived the Venerable One asked him, "What group do you belong to?" The Patriarch replied, "I am a disciple of the Buddha." When he heard the name "Buddha", he immediately became alarmed and shut the door. The Patriarch kept knocking on the door for a long time.

The Venerable One said, "There is no one home at all."

The Patriarch said, "Who, then, is answering there is no one?" When the Venerable One heard those words, he knew this was an extraordinary person, and so he opened the door and let him in.

      The Patriarch said, "Long ago the World Honored One predicted that one thousand years after his extinction a great Master would appear in the country of Kushana, who would carry on and magnify the esoteric teaching. Now that you have met me, take advantage of this auspicious turn of fate." he had him leave home and receive the complete precepts, and transmitted the great Dharma to him. The Venerable, after receiving the Dharma, later transmitted it to Jayata. Then, while on his seat, he used his fingernails to scratch the impression of a blooming red lotus upon his face, emitted great light, which lit up the four assemblies and entered extinction.