Listen Carefully: to a Secret

      Once King Yama Raja said to me. Not all your good deeds were that good. Not all the bad was that bad either.

      Dawn the day-break sunset and night follows. Life and death walk together hand in hand. A leaf drops from a tree; his presence is felt.

      Time is always running second by second. By day and night and one thing sure your leaf will turn over for you.

      So dwell and meditate in the truth. Speak the truth, think of the truth. The truth is easy, don't be afraid.

      Having great regard and concern. I know my weaknesses not and worry a lot. That truthfully my answer will cometh for lo!

      When King Yama Raja calls on me once more, Hi le nothing open book pages of my life. Wonderful moment to pass the test.

      And the King and I smile again.

-Otto E. Becker