-by Kuo Yin Henry

When the moon a-ris-es ov-er pure wa-ter clear and the wind
Just keep look-ing deep-er wad-ing thru the dust. Work-ing harder

it blows light-ly but no waves ap-pear, this clear mental fla-vor of com-fort
Every-day is certain-ly a must. When six sen-ses mo-ve clouds

and peace-- no out-side no in-side just em-pty re-lease-- the ones who
co-ver. False thoughts mingle -gle and ho- -o -ver con-tinue per-

en-counter it are ver-y ver--y few but possi-ble to ex-per-ience it is a part
se-ver-ence this is on-ly a test. When one thought is not produced

of you. the en-tire sub-stance manifests.