Elder Master Hsu Yun

Pictorial Biography of
The Venerable Master Hsu Yun

Prose and Verse by
Venerable Master Hua.

Drawings by a student
of Prajna.


      The elder Master Te Lin invited the Master to spend New Year's at the monastery. He was very sincere in his intentions. On the second day of the first month, the Master started bowing again. From Hung Fu Monastery, he went to Huai Ching prefecture. He then returned to the monastery where he stayed the evening. On the third day, he took formal leave of the Elder Master Te Lin, who cried because he did not want to lose the Master's company. After they bid one another farewell, the Master departed. This truly tested the Master's ascetic abilities, for one person's weeping can cause another to be affected. His refusal to stay was made in utmost sincerity.

The Gatha Says:

Both the sadness of

parting and the joy

of meeting

are emotions of the

mundane world.

The Elder Master Te Lin wept,

as Master Yun departed.

The meaning of the way

is to "know the sound,"1

but where is it to

be found?

His hair was white from

advancing age;

he sighed at his

lack of success.

1 "know the sound" refers to the rare, intuitive understanding that sometimes exists between people.