News from the Dharma Realm

Instilling Virtue in the Children

Students critique one anotherís
Chinese calligraphy. Characters
   read "Repaying Parentsí Kindness.

Instilling Virtue School begins its fall program at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas with opportunities for children ages 6-11 to attend day school or live in. English, Chinese, mathematics, science, fine arts, music, and physical education, to name but some of the courses, will be conducted in an atmosphere conducive to positive and harmonious learning experiences. Kindness toward both peers and eiders; compassion for all creatures; joy in learning, creating, and living life; and giving as a means to increase the measure of one's mind and heart will be explored by all.

Interested parents and children may phone 707-462-0939 or write Box 217, Talmage, Ca. 95481, for more information.