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Today, I would like to share my feelings of the time when I went to help the people of south Taiwan during the typhoon this summer. A ruthless typhoon took away a lot of Taiwanese's wonderful life and bliss. I still remember that that day was Father's day. My whole family went to a restaurant and celebrates for this holiday. But no one seems to know that during that same day, it might be the worst and most painful day for lots of Taiwanese.

聽著窗外的雷雨聲,看著電視上的記者們緊緊抓住在一旁的樹枝,努力地報導南部的災情的我,眼淚不自覺地流了下來:「我能為他們做些什麼呢?」我問著自己。 電視上閃過請求人民伸出援手,到南部賑災的跑馬燈。那時的我什麼也沒多想,就打電話去報名了。

While listening to the thunder and rain outside the window, and looking at the reporter who is trying so hard to grab on the tree tightly and still report about the latest situation in south Taiwan, my tears began to drift down on my face. "What can I do for them?" I asked myself. Suddenly, I saw the television station calling upon all the citizens in Taiwan to help those people who are still suffering. I remember I didn't think much, but I rapidly signed up for the group that can take me to the south and help the people.


I can still remember what my parents had told me before I went on to the trip. They said, "You must be very careful! Don't pick up something that is too heavy; don't do the jobs that are beyond what you can do for them." At that time, I didn't get why my parents are concerned about my safety so much; plus, isn't this just a simple trip? They don't have to be concerned that much I thought. But I still promise them that I will protect myself, and will not burden other people.


On that day, I went to a place called "ma do shein" with a group of Buddhists, which is somewhere in Tainan, the south of Taiwan. We took the bus down there. I didn't know anyone who's in the bus, but there's one thing that I knew for sure: everyone who is in this car all have the same goal, which is to lend a hand and to help our country revive again. When I looked at the sky through the car's window, I realized how lucky and blessed I am, and how much blessings I have enabling me to have the opportunity to help other people.


Once we arrived at "ma do shein", People were separated into different regions in that city so we can start our job quickly. I remembered I was shocked by the sticky smells that spread from the first house and the several areas lying in front of me. O my god! Now I really know about the how terrible the situation is in south Taiwan. The mud blocked the front of the entrance piece by piece, and we can still see the trace of water level that the flood left on the wall. Without saying another word, I wore my rain boots on my feet and the mask on my face; I am well-prepared for my first job today.

當我遊走在眷村的時候,突然有位大伯搖下窗子對我呼喊著:「ㄟ!你怎麼沒有戴斗笠?等一下會中暑喔!」 「不會啦!我身體很好。」我用微笑來回應他的關心。當時我的心好溫暖,因為有災民的關心,讓我覺得再多辛苦地工作都值得。在那瞬間,他們就好比我的家人、我的父母一般。

When I walked pass through the county, suddenly, an elder roll down his window and said, "Hey! Why didn't you wear a hat under the sun? You might get sunstroke later huh!" "It's fine, I have a strong body." I smiled back to him as my response. My heart was nice and warm at that time. His gentleness makes me think that what I've done for them are all worth it. At that moment, He is just like my family, my dad.

當我們走進下一戶人家的四合院裡要準備幫忙時,就看到一位阿嬤坐在板凳上,頻頻用親切的台灣國語對我們說:「多謝啦!多謝啦!」那時的我眼淚都快流下來了 ,因為那個阿嬤這幾天一定已經很辛苦在清理家裡了,她年紀又那麼大,卻讓她在晚年時還碰到颱風,破壞了她的家園,我就覺得很不捨。幸好我有機會去賑災,這讓我感到很慶幸,因為幫上了她的忙。

While walking into another Chinese traditional house, I saw a grandma who was sitting on a wooden bench and said, "Thank you Thank you!" in a friendly way. My tears almost dropped on my face, because she must have suffered for lots of day. Cleaning this mess is a quiet challenge for her already. Hence, why did the typhoon come during her old age and damage her house? I felt sorry for that grandma. Luckily, I was glad that I was there to help her move the furniture and do cleaning job, because I have the chance to help her out.


When we are driving back to the north, I looked out to the sky from the car window again. My tears were dropping down unconsciously. But the tears were happy tears this time. I learned so many things that day, such as people should be content with what they have and cherish the people and things around them. Don't wait till you lost everything and start to regret it. Today, I was having this peculiar happy feeling in me. Although my body was full of mud, this was the happiest time in my life. I helped so many people today, benefit so many living beings. So I hope that from now on, every action and word I made can benefit all living things, instead of caring about my own benefits.


On this journey, I noticed that although the flood was merciless, the warm and nice feeling people offer to those suffering ones are already enough to cover all the sadness and misfortune. I've learned that we should always be thankful. I think I'm really lucky that I can live in a comfortable house and always have my family supporting me, and love me. And yet, since I have so much love in me, I will spread my love to other people who need my consideration. I will let the love pass down.



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